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       Mile High CBD was founded by native Coloradan brothers in 2016. Backed by three generations of farmers, their involvement with hemp began as soon as it was legalized in Colorado. What started off as a pursuit to perfect large scale industrial hemp farming, has now broadened to include specialized genetics and high-yielding feminized CBD seeds, along with grain and fiber varieties. Mile High has strived to create the best genetics while at the same time making it affordable to grow hemp, no matter how many acres you decide to plant.

      In mid-2018, Mile High partnered with Tritium 3H. T3H is Canada’s leading high CBD hemp seed supplier. Together with Farmers Business Network, T3H has invested to build a hybrid hemp breeding program, leveraging diverse germplasm and the latest molecular breeding  tools to create new hemp hybrids with high yield and unique functional characteristics. Standing behind the Tritium 3H brand is more than 20 years of Certified seed production experience in multiple hybrid crops, serving international markets in Canada, USA, Europe, South America and Australia. The Tritium partnership merged Mile High’s proven genetic portfolio with T3H’s international asset base and extensive experience in large scale hybrid crop production.

      In 2022 Tritium merged with Hemp Genetics International (HGI), creating Verve Seed Solutions, Inc. HGI is one of the global hemp industries longest serving seed companies and has been Canada's leading producer of dual purpose (food/fiber) focused hemp varieties.

      The merging of these top companies has resulted in the best quality hemp seeds at a price that is affordable for all.


Cheapest feminized hemp seeds
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Brennan and Hayden Lammermann

Mile High CBD


Scott Horner and Jayme Hunter

Tritium 3H 

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Dr. Rale Gjuric

Head of Seed R&D at FBD Canada

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